Why I Wrote the Children’s Story ‘Mighty Max’

By: Karen Bishop Dietitian

I’ve been in private practice for 15years. Over the years I’ve seen and helped many children with weight loss. Two of these children in particular were the reason why I wrote and published a story called ‘Mighty Max’.

The first child was a 7 year old girl. During her consultation I asked her if she takes any medication or supplements for anything. Her reply was this:

‘I just take diet pills to make me thin’

I have many issues with this. But my main issue is that this little girl (at the age of 7) is associating weight loss with a pill. This is going to set her up for a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, fad diets and pill popping.

The second child was a 10 year old boy whose sports coach had said the following to him:

‘You will never make the A team because you are too fat’

He stopped eating and developed an eating disorder.

Children need to be educated from 3 years old that the ONLY way to lose weight is through eating the right foods and exercising.


“Mighty Max’ is about a little mouse that only eats junk.
One night he tries to run into his hole only to find it too tight for comfort. His mum and dad explain to him that the only way he’s going to get smaller and faster is by eating healthy foods and exercising. He takes their advice and starts making better food choices and begins exercising. He is soon able to fit back inside his hole.

The story is written in a rhyming format and is boldly illustrated.

If you would like to purchase any of my Children’s Nutritional Story books they are available on my website www.karenbishop.co.za

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